Western Gear Services, Cleaning and Repair

Cowboy Boot Repair Arizona Saddlery of Clarkston not only sells all types of western gear but we also provide essential services! Have you ever had a pair of cowboy boots that you loved but the soles were worn out? Or how about a blanket that's been handed down for generations but is in bad need of repair. Don't throw out these family favorite items. Let Arizona Saddlery of Clarkston fix, repair or clean any of your western gear items.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Cowboy boot repair
  • Western shoe repair
  • Blanket washing
  • Western blanket repair
  • Tack repair
  • Horse saddle Repair
  • Saddle and tack cleaning
  • Western hat shaping and cleaning
  • More....

If you don't see the service listed but you have a special need, please feel free to call the store and see if we can perform the service for you.

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